Help! I Still Have Soap In My Eyes

We’ve all been there. Trapped in the shower, our eyes burning from a douse of soap or shampoo. Water, or is that tears, running down our face in our attempt to wash our eyes clean and get some relief. But if that water coming from your showerhead is a trickle and not a flood, your pipes could be impacting your water pressure. And the potential source of the problem is called hard water.


Scale, Clogs and Higher CostsModern shower bath isolated

The low water pressure is just one sign that hard water is at work. White scale may appear on your faucets and in your shower, and that same build-up is clogging your pipes and building up in your water heater. And with scale comes higher costs; water-using appliances become less efficient, using more water. For example, hard water uses up to 29 percent more energy to heat your water. And the lifespan of those appliances decreases by up to 50 percent. That means you have to replace those appliances more often.


Battling Water Woes Saves Money

An easy solution to banish hard water comes in the form of a water softener, which removes hard water minerals from your water before it flows to your pipes and fixtures, reducing scale buildup.
And it costs you less in the long run. A home that is affected by hard water spends an estimated $1,280 in laundry detergents, bath and kitchen soaps, lotions and household cleaners. But with a water softener, those annual costs plummet to an estimated $730. That’s a 40 percent savings.


Temporarily Tackling Hard Water

So that brings us back to the soap-in-the-eyes issue. The inside of your pipes may stay clogged, so the water pressure will remain an issue, but you can temporarily tackle the scale. Try a homemade cleaner comprised of 50-50 solution of distilled water and vinegar will spot treat scale buildup from hard water problems. Put baking soda and distilled water together for a slightly more powerful scrub. Lemon juice can also help temporarily clear those hard water deposits.


Permanent Burning Eyes Fix

For a more permanent solution to those burning eyes, try a Whirlpool water softener. With an easy step-by-step tool, you can determine the best water softening solution for your in-home water needs.