How Hard Water Minerals Form Rust Stains in Your Home

Orange may be the hot color for your pumpkins this season, but definitely not for your sink. It may surprise you that the causes of rust stains in your sink are preventable, the result of hard water and high levels of iron.iron water rust stains on sink

Unfortunately, if you have hard water, you can expect to lose 30 percent to 50 percent of an appliance’s projected lifespan. Rust and buildup form due to the high amounts of iron, calcium and magnesium found in hard water areas. The constant contact of these materials may cause severe damage, and the longer the iron and other minerals build up the worse the damage to appliances, sinks, and tubs.

Commercial products with strong chemicals provide a powerful solution for eliminating scale buildup and rust stains left behind by iron in hard water, but this is only a temporary solution to the problem.

The Hard Water and Rust Stain Solution
You may be able to find short-term fixes including lemon juice, vinegar, and commercial products, but you will not be solving the actual problem at hand. A water softener is the core solution to eliminating iron minerals that form rust stains in your home. The water softening process is able to absorb hard minerals from the water as well as clear water iron by using tiny resin beads, which act as a sponge. Installing a water softener is your only solution to eliminating rust stains from iron permanently.

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