3 Surprising Reasons to Use Filtered Water

christmasCookingWhen preparing food for the holidays, you want to impress family and friends with the best-tasting dishes possible. But did you know that your water might be preventing you from serving the perfect meal?

Hard water can give you spotty, filmy dishes, but you may not be aware that it also affects your cooking and baking. Here are 3 reasons to use filtered water and how it gives a boost to your kitchen creations:

1. Purified Taste

Chlorine and impurities can infiltrate your home’s tap water at any time, making for a foul odor and taste pouring out of your kitchen’s faucet. Using filtered water can eliminate the bad taste and smell.

The undesirable taste can be detrimental to your food prep. When your water smells bad, the foul odor and taste can latch on to the fruits, vegetables and cooked pasta you’re washing in the sink.

If you’re cooking bigger dishes with pasta or rice, you’ll start to notice a creamier texture to your food when you use filtered water. A filter can cleanse your water, remove the bad taste and leave you with overall better tap water.

2. Bake Better Bread

An entire meal can be ruined if your baked goods turn out poorly. Even if you followed directions word-for-word, triple-checked the measurements and actually placed the rack in your oven correctly, they can still turn out incorrect. Don’t be hard on yourself — it’s your water’s fault.

Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and chlorine that find their way into your home’s water affect the performance of ingredients like yeast. The minerals in your water change the gluten structure of dough, impeding the fermentation process.

Filtered water stops the issue at the faucet. Using cleaner water will lead to improved baked treats.

3. Bright and Festive Food

Washing your vegetables after you buy them is always a smart idea. But are you starting to notice your fresh produce losing color after every wash? Chlorine in your water could be the reason.

Like bleach, chlorine strips color away from whatever it comes in contact with. If there are high levels of chlorine in your water, your vegetables could be in danger.

But fear not. Filtering your water from excessive levels of chlorine will solve the issue. Keep your vegetables looking vibrant and delicious with a home filtration system.

If you’re making multiple dishes for the holidays, be sure to use filtered water. It’s as easy as installing a 2-in-1 whole home filtration and water softener system. This will make your water chlorine free while providing great taste that is optimal for cooking.

View our water checklist to learn more about choosing the right system for you and your family.