Hard Water May Be Damaging Your Hair and Costing Your Wallet

The effects of hard water go beyond chalky faucet buildup, pipe damage and higher energy costs. The characteristics of your water can determine how well, or poorly, your shampoo and conditioning routine works. And that has an impact on both your hair and your wallet.

hard water hair costsThe minerals found in hard water (calcium, magnesium and iron) can distress hair, making expensive products less effective and hair more difficult to manage. This results in less lathering, ineffective cleansing and the inability of conditioners to penetrate the hair follicles.

If you find you are using an extra pump of shampoo and conditioner just to get a little more foam or get that deep condition, you may be washing more than just hair products down the drain.

Price of Hard Water

When the cost of shampoo, conditioner and styling products isn’t feeling worth it because your hair is still dry, limp, dull or unmanageable, you may want to think about investing in a water softener.
By using a water softener, a household can save an average of $450 over the course of a year on shampoo, detergent, soap, and other cleaning supplies.

Broken down, that’s an estimated 50 percent savings on costly products and salon visits.

Average Cost Savings Per Year on Products:

Shampoo – $75
Conditioner – $75
Styling Products – $150
Salon Visits – $125+

Your Wallet Will Thank You

That water softener is a permanent fix that will keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy, with no build-up, while saving you money. It removes those hard minerals before water even gets to your showerhead so you never have to experience dull, limp hair again.
It’s easy to be on your way to softer, healthier hair. Once you’ve tested your water and know your hard water number, you’ll be ready to find the best Whirlpool water softening solution for your needs.