costs of hard water

The Impact of Hard Water on Your Wallet Hard water problems can lead to a number of issues around your home. But the biggest impact hard water can make is on your wallet. There are 4 ways hard water is sneakily costing you money. Cleaning and personal care Energy bills Clothing and fabric Plumbing and appliances Shampoo, lotion and detergent are all used to clean. Whether it’s for your body or clothes, softened water activates these cleaning products so they lather better. In turn, you use less soap during every cleaning cycle with softer water. Hard water causes scale buildup in your home’s plumbing. This scale makes it hard for water to move causing you to lose more heat. This will affect your electricity bill because you’re using more energy to maintain temperature. Hardness minerals in hard water make your clothes and towels rough and scratchy. This hurts the material making clothes less durable. The lifecycle of towels is also shortened. Hard water scale also builds up in your appliances. This makes them break sooner than they should. Over time, hard water will cut the lifespan of your water heater, dishwasher and washing machine. Adding these 4 issues together, hard water is costing you about $800/year. Buying a water softener will solve all of these issues in your home. If you suspect hard water is already leaving its mark in your home, watch our “How to Test Hard Water in Your Home” video to find where it’s lingering. If you’re sick of hard water costing you, visit EcoPureHome and shop for your home’s solution.