Quick Water Softener Maintenance to Prep for Long Winter Days

The hot days are coming to an end meaning chilly days are right around the corner. As the temperatures begin to drop outside, there’s a strong possibility of pipes freezing, so maintaining your appliances is critical. pour salt in water softener maintenance

Water Softener Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

1. Check softener for any salt bridging
2. Clean the brine (salt) tank with a softener cleanser
3. Clean the venturi valve

How to keep your water softener system healthy

1. Use higher purity salts, which will leave less storage tank residue, lowering the likelihood of salt bridges and salt mushing. It will result in less maintenance.
2. Don’t add salt until almost all the salt in the tank is used up. Then refill the tank no more than two-thirds full.
3. Use an iron-out solution once a year to clean the resin bed and the parts in the control valve.
4. Clean the brine tank once a year.

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By periodically giving your water softener system a seasonal maintenance checkup, you’ll keep it running smoothly. Take a closer look at what hard water costs you if your home is left untreated.