Myth: I’m losing “good” minerals from my water

Will softening water remove important nutrients?

mineralsYou know that water softeners eliminate several headaches around your home—from spotty dishes and stiff laundry to costly appliance repairs. But a common question is whether a softener will also remove important minerals from your water that you and your family need to stay healthy.

Happily, this is not a concern for water softener owners, and here’s why:

  1. The minerals found in your tap water are in a form that your body can’t properly digest. If you’re looking to add key vitamins and minerals to your diet, it is more important to focus on the food you eat. A well-balanced meal plan will provide the daily dose of nutrients you need to stay healthy. If you’re concerned about your intake, consider adding a multivitamin or supplement.
  2. Water softeners are designed to capture and remove specific minerals (magnesium and calcium) from your water. This process gets rid of the home-damaging hardness minerals and leaves minerals like fluoride (which helps prevent tooth decay) intact.

Not only will a water softener eliminate white, crusty buildup, scum rings in your tub, and spotty dishes, it won’t remove any essential nutrients from your water either. To give your home the gift of good “health,” start by getting a free water test to help you evaluate your water and find the best softening solution for your home.