Soothing Sun-Ravaged Skin with Soft Water

iStock_000009673045_LargeSummer is the season for increased outdoor activities. But that sometimes translates to increased sun exposure, which can also mean sunburn. Caring for sun-ravaged skin can be sensitive (literally) under any condition but especially if your water isn’t optimal quality.

Assistance may lie with a water softener. It removes hard water minerals, allowing water to effectively clean your skin. Most homes in the United States have hard water.

Here’s how you know if your home – and your skin – can benefit from a water softener.

Razor Burn

As shorts and swimming suits make their summer debut, shaving increases. You may be experiencing increased incidences of razor burn and accompanying shaving bumps. This can be especially painful if your skin is already sensitive from sun exposure. This doesn’t mean you are over shaving, but rather, your water may be hard. A water softener may be the fix your gams need.

Squeaky Skin

Soft, clean skin is one thing, but that dry, squeaky feeling after bathing means hard minerals are stripping your skin of its natural oils. With sunburned skin, you need all the moisture you can get to help your skin heal. Soft water from a water softener naturally helps keep your skin softer.

Clogged Pores

Too much sun can lead to blisters and burns. Heat leads to perspiration, which can also mean oilier skin. If you are seeing more breakouts than normal on your face, don’t immediately blame the sun and heat. Hard water’s high mineral content leaves a film of soap scum on the skin, which can result in clogged pores. The sun and heat will do enough damage. Let your water be your last worry.

Skin-Saving Test

Not sure if you need a water softener? Check out this free and easy test. Test your home water for free. You’ll discover how soft water might be the answer to soothing your skin this summer with a Whirlpool Water Softener from EcoPureHome.